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Data Recovery from Raid Arrays and NAS Devices
Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Data let you down? ... get help! Our friendly team are here to help recover your data.

Apex Technology is highly experienced for RAID Data Recovery for a wide range of NAS and Server systems. These range from the older SCSI hard disk drive servers found in many Schools or Colleges to restoring modern iSCSI and Virtual Machines and Virtual Disks in modern data centres and online backup companies.

NAS Recovery and Raid Rebuild - Fast!

We understand the time critical nature of central server and nas box failures. Countless times we have worked through 24 hours and weekends to return the data quickly, and some times for the next morning so that the organisation can continue to work on their files, documents databases and spreadsheets. Raid Array Rebuilds, Nas Recoveries, VMWare, Virtual Disks, Raid5, Raid6, iSCSI LUNs, email or give us a call now

Typical Systems we have worked on...

Inaccessible data and share folders from all types of RAID systems, whether there is a logical or physical problem with RAID. We have successfully recovered data from Raid servers ...

  • Virtual Disks VMDK files recovery
  • Virtual Machine file systems vmfs recovery
  • iSCSI raid systems often used in Terastations Intel Lacie etc
  • Readynas by Infrant and Netgear with their infamous X-RAID system
  • StorCenter Data Recovery
  • Easystore Data Recovery
  • Intel SS4000E SS4200E drives
  • Netgear SC101 Recovery - oh yes the toaster of the network drive world
  • Thecus Data Recovery
  • Evesham Silverstor
  • Lacie Ethernet Disk Recovery
  • Linkstation Data Recovery
  • Buffalo Terastation Data Recovery
  • SCSI Raid Data Recovery
  • NAS Data Recovery
  • Linux Raid Data Recovery

We recover systems with a variety of operating system, e.g. Windows, Macintosh, Novell, Linux and Sun Solaris.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery problems that we recover data from are listed below.
Raid Array Data Recovery, Raid Rebuild, NAS Data Recovery, Raid Recovery, Raid Array Rebuild, NAS Data Recovery.
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