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We understand the urgency...

raid data recovery

We understand the time critical nature of central server and nas box failures. More of these NAS boxes are finding their way in to home, small and medium size business as their price continues to drop. While the system is down you or your company is loosing time and costly man-hours waiting for the critical data to be returned. Countless times we have worked through 24 hours on a job to return the data quickly, and some times for the next morning so that the organisation can continue to work on their files, documents databases and spreadsheets.

Raid and Network Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Services

raid array repair data recoveryApex Technology is highly experienced for RAID Data Recovery for a wide range of systems. These range from the older SCSI hard disk drive servers found in many Schools or Colleges to restoring modern iSCSI and Virtual Machines and Virtual Disks in modern data centres and online backup companies.

Recent Recovery News...

Intel SS4000-E lost share folders

Intel SS4000-E lost share folders

Intel SS4000-E data recovery, The Intel SS4000-E can be configured as RAID5 Raid10 etc. Customers who experience failure often say to us that "it was working one day then failed to boot up the next day." Consequently the problem is that the drive data is not accessible from LAN Network so the Shares Directories are lost. Also the console may show he raid array configuration requests disks to be initialised and the hard disks are shown a NEW. The best thing is to pull the power off the devuice and call or email us for a quote. These units are usually recoverable in 2 days..

SCSI Proliant Server recovery failed reaid

SCSI Proliant Server recovery failed reaid

Proliant Server recovery, Compaq Proliant Server SCSI Hard Drive Recovery. There are many of these old units still in service - chugging away - usually under a mountain dust in a less frequently visited corner of the server room. They were well built and cost a fortune but no-one gives them a thought until they fail and panic sets in because no one has used a scsi disk for 10 years. Often a drive has failed and - the raid 5 array is down. Do not fear - we know these units and will carefully extract your data before you finally consign your faithful proliant to computer heaven or hell..

Fujitsu Fibrecat data recovery after raid fails to restart with disks in Left Over state

Fujitsu Fibrecat data recovery after raid fails to restart with disks in Left Over state

Fibrecat data recovery, The Fujitsu Fibrecat can support Raid 5. Thr raid may not restart and some drives can be in Left Over state. Although we do not recommend it as it can corrupt data, some customers (and even Fujitsu Engineers) try to use the Trust command to get the raid re-started. No data should be written to the raid after Trust is applied as it may make recovered data corrupt/impossible. We can recover the data - we do this by making a clone of the system and only working from the cloned hard disk drives. This way the original data does not get destroyed. If your data is critical, do not mess with the system. The best thing is to power down the drives and call or email us for a quote now..

Typical Systems we have worked on...

Inaccessible data and share folders from all types of RAID systems, whether there is a logical or physical problem with RAID. We have successfully recovered data from Raid servers ...

  • Virtual Disks VMDK files recovery
  • Virtual Machine file systems vmfs recovery
  • iSCSI raid systems often used in Terastations Intel Lacie etc
  • Readynas by Infrant and Netgear with their infamous X-RAID system
  • StorCenter Data Recovery
  • Easystore Data Recovery
  • Intel SS4000E SS4200E drives
  • Netgear SC101 Recovery - oh yes the toaster of the network drive world
  • Thecus Data Recovery
  • Evesham Silverstor
  • Lacie Ethernet Disk Recovery
  • Linkstation Data Recovery
  • Buffalo Terastation Data Recovery
  • SCSI Raid Data Recovery
  • NAS Data Recovery
  • Linux Raid Data Recovery

We recover systems with a variety of operating system, e.g. Windows, Macintosh, Novell, Linux and Sun Solaris.

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Recent Comments...

ReadyNAS cant access data

ReadyNAS cant access data

Publications Ltd, Watford, Hertfordshire, 2015-05-20
Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ (RND4410 / RND4000) disk 1 died - it contained 4x1tb HDD’s with Netgear’s X-RAID. We replaced the disk but the volume is refused to re-sync - can’t access any of the data. Could access the drive, and view the web GUI, also saw the folder structures from a windows PC but it would not access the share and the front end said the share is offline or cannot be found. The device contained all the important documents and artwork - required 48 hour turn-around. Drives were Seagate ST1000528AS Sata. We received the drives back this morning, thank you so much for turning that around so quickly!.

HP Proliant DL385 failed drives raid recovery

HP Proliant DL385 failed drives raid recovery

Mayfair, London., 2015-05-13
HP Proliant DL385 Raid 5 6x 147GB HDD SCSI 2 failed disks running Citrix OS Operating System (Linux). Possibly a hotspare disk as well attached to scsi controller. Data Recovery required. The array consisted of 4 Fujitsu SCSI 10k rpm drives MAT3147NC with pcb no.CA21326-B42X Ultra 320, and 2 WorldDisk MXJ3147SC800600X. Both WorldDisks failed and remained totally silent when switched on, they did not spin up or boot when powered. The recovery was very good news..