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USB snapped when laptop knocked

USB snapped when laptop knocked

Truro, Cornwall, 07/07/2013
QIA (Quality Inmprovement Agency branded) iNet USB 1GB Pen Drive. USB end snapped off after laptop was knocked from desk. The device had USBest UT163-L4 and Hynix HY27UT088G2M chips. You have saved not only my sanity but also possibly my career. Thank you..

Chipsbank CBM2091 broken USB recovery

Chipsbank CBM2091 broken USB recovery

Hastings, East Sussex, 16/05/2013
Respect branded swivel USB memory stick with Chipsbank cbm2091 500MB memory Stick that was bumped when connected to the laptop and no longer worked. Many thanks - we’ll look forward to receiving the data later next week (post willing)..

USB memory stick suddenly missing files

USB memory stick suddenly missing files

Clydesdale Bank, Glasgow, 22/01/2013
512MB USB memory stick was working ok. After saving a word document, the USB flash drive appeared to suddenly be missing many files and folders which needed recovering. Many thanks for the fast turnaround of this..

USB Device Not Recognized MalfunctionedBroken Flash USB Connector Repair Data RecoveryReapir Fix broken usb connector pcb circuit

USB Dongle Repair (HASP)

We now repair USB dongles when they are broken. Such Dongles are often required for CAD, Publishing and Printing Software. Often these have been kicked or bent whilst in the computer. Perhaps the dongle snapped whilst a machine was being moved. Usually you have several large jobs backing up while the dongle is broken and will not work. Just call or email us for fast turn around quote.

USB Data Recovery includes Flash USB Device not Recognized , Broken USB Connector, Format error, Light not flashing, Light staying on etc

Flash USB Fix Broken Connector Data Recovery RepairUSB flash memory sticks have become a very convenient way to transport data - and an inconvenient way to loose a lot of data very quickly. Even the government departments loose data by them! Fortunately here at Apex we specialise in recovering data from USB pen drives that no longer work. Perhaps they simply failed to start / get recognised or registered, or open up when you plugged it into the computer. Message from Windows show USB device not recognized, or that the USB device attached to the computer has malfunctioned. Other times the failure is more obvious such as when the Usb silver connector is bent snapped or broken from the pcb circuit board. The memory stick may have broken or bent pins. The Flash drive might have been dropped. Probably this happened when it was kicked or knocked whilst in the computer. We have even had cases were pets have chewed the device and the casing still has the teeth marks in it or the USB was dropped into water/soaked in the sea. The expansion in memory size has been rapid meaning these flash usb devices are hold even more data files, photos, spreadsheets and word documents.

A full list of parts is here Flash USB Data Recovery Repair

USB Data Recovery Repair for Following Controller and Memory Chips
USBest, u-Pen UP5 UP10 U20TWG0J U20TWG0H U20TWG0F U20TWG0D U20TW00F U20TW00E U20TW00D
U20TW00A U20JV0002 U20JV0001 Trek Toshiba SSS Sonix SM Skymedi Sandisk Realtek PQI Point Chips PL Phison OTI Netac M-Systems M-Disk Lexar KTC iCreate encapsulated Chipsbank AniMeta /PMC Flash Ali ALCOR
Hynix, Infineon, Intel, Japan, Micron, PQI, Pronix, Renesas, RF, Samsung, Sandisk, Spectek, ST, Taiwan, TMC, Toshiba, Vdata.

Data file recovery from all flash USB memory stick pen disk drive including:-
X Pro WMG Verbatim V-Drive USB FS Disks USB Bar TwinMOS Treckstor TraxData Transcend Toshiba FAKE Tiny Texet Technika takeMS Supertalent Super Talent Super Flash Drive SumVision Streamline Speedlink Sony FAKE Sony Siemens SH-KEDA Schneider Sandisk RunDisk RM Ram Bo Princeton PQI Pocki Drive PNY PNY Pharmion Pen Drive Secure Turbo Speed Peak Patriot Memory OCZ Novatech Netac MyMemory Mr Flash Mikomi MicroX Memorex Medion Maxell LG Lexar LB Line Kingston Jet Flash Intuix Integral Integral Inegral Impega Imation Hypertech HyperDrive HP HiSpace Goodmans Fujitsu Siemens Freecom Flash Drive Extrememory Emtec EasyDisk / Cobra Logic EasyDisk EA dp Disgo DirectUSB Store Dell DataWrite DaneElec Dane Elec Dabs Value Crucial Corsair Survivor Corsair CnMemory Cardura Canyon Calibre Cable & Wireless Bytestor Busbi Buffalo BT Brushed Aluminium Belkin Ativa Apacer Advent Adtech A-Data Adata Actos Acer

Recover data from usb flash drive - Disk/Disc errors for repair or data recovered
USB Device Not Recognised. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognise it
USB Flash Drive no longer flashes when inserted into the computer
USB Memory stick not registering when inserted into USB port
USB Flash Disk LED Light does not light up and requires repair
USB Disk was dropped and no longer works or recognised
Dead usb flash memory
USB flash drive not being recognised
The USB connector has been broken or been bent and requires repair
Repair Fix Broken USB Contacts or Broken USB Connector
Fix Broken Pin or Pins on the Cable Connector
Memory stick the disk in drive e is not formatted
USB disk not formatted format it now
Disk not Formatted error.
Disc not Formatted error.
Please insert a disk/disc
Abort Retry Ignore
Disk/disc unreadable
Do you wish to format this disk
File not Found
error code 47 Computer asking to insert disc yet it is showing up on the drive list
Pen Drive is being recognised but will not allow data to be retrieved
The computers recognises USB Drive is in the port but can not read it
Computer won't recongize my memory stick

If you don't see your drive mentioned it is very likely we recover from it so Just Ask Us!

USB 1.0 USB1.1 USB 2.0 Flash Key Drive or MP3 Player Capacities
Data Recovery for Missing or Lost Folders & Files. We have the equipment to bring your lost files back. We recover files from all capacities of USB1.1 USB2.0 drives and MP3 players including 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB 32GB 64GB.

Data Recovery MP3 Player
Creative Labs MuVo MP3, Alba MP3 Player, Ministry of Sound MOSMP067 MOSMP020, Iriver, Philips Key013, Philips Key015, Philips Key011, USB1.1 USB2.0. Sony Network Walkman NW-E005 NW-E005F NW-E55, NW-E95 NW-E99, Sanyo

Data Recovery Voice Digital Dictation Machines .MP3 .MSV .DSS .Wav Wave
Memory Stick Voice Editor files
Fostex FR-2 Field Memory Recorder CF Card
Digital Voice recorders, Olympus digital dictation machines Sony Digital Dictation Machines.
Olympus VN-120pc digital voice recorder
Olympus VN-480pc digital voice recorder
Olympus DM-10 DM-20 Digital Dictation MP3
Olympus DS4000 xD digital voice recorder
Olympus W-10 DS-2 VN-480PC DS-330
Olympus WS-100 WS-200S WS-400 WS-500 VN-960PC
Olympus DS-2300
Sony ICD-BM1 Digital Voice Recorder .msv
Sony ICD-BM1-VTP Digital Voice Recorder .msv
Sony ICD-MX20 recorder Memory Stick .msv
Sony ICD-MX20-VTP recorder Memory Stick
Sony ICD-P110 Digital Dictation Machine .msv
Sanyo Digital Voice Recorder MP3 Data
Sanyo ICRB-250 Digital Dictation MP3

USB memory data recovery & flash memory repair
If you have these errors then contact us for recovery of your data:-
There is no sign of life in the USB when it is inserted into the computer
USB Flash memory device not recognized
Corrupted and unopenable files
Recovery flash disk with damage to USB Connector or PCB Circuit Board
Windows prompts you to format.
USB Disk was dropped and no longer flashes works
Damage to the disk
Files cannot be listed.
disk that contains bad sectors
disk that contains bad clusters.
Accidentally deleted files on usb disk.
Undelete files on the usb disk.
Virus attack or other lost files on a disk.

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